It was the roughest week yet. I don't know how much more hectic a week can get, but I sure hope it doesn't end up like this one. Just explaining how it went would be too much.. All in all, I'm proud of myself because I accomplished many things, people my age-even older- wouldn't have been able to accomplish. In one weeks time I put together my mom's baby-shower, school (wasn't that bad) a new event for church called new beginnings (planned and put together like a high school graduation), 3 practice rehearsals for a 2 show performance on saturday, my brother being born, work, and two performances. What a week!!!

The entertainment life is wonderful. I love being able to dance and share my polynesian culture to the tourist or anyone that wants to see. It's something many people on the island forget. Our culture. I think because we live here on the island, we take advantage of our culture and we shouldn't. Everyone should appreciate and learn about there culture and share it so it isn't forgotten. I love my polynesian heritage and I will continue to share with those that I love, enjoy, and that wants to learn or be entertained.

Child Birth
My mom just gave birth to a handsome boy. I'm so proud of her. She had a lot of complications with this birth because of her age so I am very glad that she pulled through. I wish I could have been there to witness the miraculous moment of my new brother but I had other obligations and duties to stick too. I'm here now watching my little brother, and this reminds me of how wonderful having a child can really be. Though the mother endures the pain of having a child, the everlasting happiness is worth it all. I may not have delivered many children, but I do know what it's like to take in and care for a lot of kids - all ages, all races and nationalities. Every time I look in my brother's eyes, I am reminded of how precious life can really be. You know, with all of this happiness is sadness. I also had 3 other family members and friends that actually lost their child at birth and it's hard to be happy or be sad in moments like this. I don't know what to say or how to feel. I just know that I should be there for them if they need or want me. I know this is a touchy subject but I just felt like getting it out there.

Many people my age always question and ask me why did I get married. Majority of them think I'm too young or that I was probably forced to get married. And if it isn't that than they usually say that I probably got married because I was pregnant. But I can honestly say that if a person has never experienced early teen pregnancy, early marriage, or was ever in the situation that I am in, he or she should not judge or say anything about my life. Yes I may be young, but the last time I checked.. age is just a number.

I hate having to explain that I got married because I loved him. Is it that hard to believe that when someone gets married they are in love. I feel a lot of times. People try to discourage my confidence but I know what I am capable of and I know what I can become. I know how strong of a woman I am and need to be for my son. Everything I do is for my family. It's hard right now because I am so busy.. And as a young mother, wife, parent, student, teacher, teen, and person I wish I could spend more time being each calling that I am. But it's hard. I sometimes wish life was a little bit easy on me. But then I think back and tell myself. If things were easy, where's the challenge. How am I going to grow and be strengthened. There's no progress when things are easy, only weakness. 

Teenage years
As a late teen, I'm starting to feel as if I missed out on a lot of things in my younger teen years. I remember when I was 13, I was helping my mom work her family business, playing volleyball, and being apart of my school's orchestra and choir, plus more. I barely ever had time to go out and have fun with my friends. I wished I had that kind of freedom. But now that I think about it, I'm grateful that my parents kept me busy. Them teaching me that helps me go throughout my day and life knowing no matter how busy I am, I need to just to keep moving forward and don't let anything get in the way. I don't need to make excuses saying I'm too busy to do this, or too busy to do that. I just need to get off my butt and do what I need. It's life. We can't just sit around and wait for something to happen, we have to make it happen.

Last weekend I met this guy at a conference. He was part of the concert section. He helped me understand that no matter what I do in life, or how stupid I may look doing whatever it is that I am doing; I should be proud because I'm trying. And even when others are laughing and mocking what I am doing, who cares... be happy that I'm not the one sitting down laughing at the other, because the person being laughed at has nothing else to do but laugh because he or she didn't have the guts to get up and do it in the first place. I love that!! It's my life, and people will not always agree on what I say or do with my life, but is it there's to say yay or nay? No! It's mine. And that's all that matters.

I use his words as motivation to keep me moving forward. There always needs to be some kind of a risk in order for one to be successful. Sometimes just taking that risk, may change a life.


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